Gift Ideas

Gifts for the snailmailer
1. Mail Truck Ornament: perfect for the mail lovers Christmas tree, or tie it onto the top of their wrapped gift.
2. Custom Return Address Stamp: these are adorable, and would be perfect for some one who loves to send a lot of mail.
3. Air Mail Tote Bag: What better way to cart all those snail mail letters to the post office, then a cute airmail bag!
4. Pewter Stamp Dispenser: I love that it’s shaped like a tiny mailbox.
5. Stamps: Head to your post office to see what nice stamps they may have, or order online. There are even currently a set of Harry Potter stamps available!
6. Stamp Cufflinks: and postage jewelry made from real stamps.
Gifts for the bibliophile
1. bookplates: keeps track of what books are yours when you loan them out.
2. Penguin Mugs: This way the book lover can sip coffee or tea from their favorite book-mug while reading.
3. In The Library Perfume: I have this, and I love it. In the Library is a warm blend of English Novel*, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish.
4. Out Of Print Clothing: We have quite a few t-shirts and sweatshirts from out of print, we love them all.
5. Novel Teas: This is a fun idea…Novel Teas contains 5 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made with the finest English Breakfast tea.
6. iPad book cover: I actually got this last Christmas from Tom’s parents. Its really well made, and looks very much like a book.

Gift Ideas

Gifts for The Doll Lover
1. Doll Patterns: Hillary’s doll patterns are adorable, you could sew up a bunch of dolls for the doll lovers in your life, or gift them the pattern instead so they can make their own.
2. Nesting Doll Socks: I think almost anyone could use a pair of socks, and these are pretty cute with little nesting dolls all over.
3. Paper Doll Plate: This one is great for any paper doll fan, I know it was meant for small children, but I’d keep in on my dresser to sort small jewelry.
4. Hitty Her First Hundred Years: This is the memoir of a doll named Hitty. I love this book, its so sweet and charming and has really nice illustrations inside too.
5. The World’s Smallest Post Service: this little kit to make your own tiny letters and parcels is just about the cutest thing I ever did see.
Gifts for the maker
1. Camera pencil pouch: perfect for anyone who uses a lot of pencils & pens to draw, or the camera lover.
2. Time To Get Stuff Done Mug: I own this mug, and I love it so much! Its just a great size, and feels great in your hands. It always motivates me to grab a big cup of coffee & get to work!
3. Washi Tape: This day of the week washi tape would be great for someone who journals or scrapbooks.
4. Embroidery patterns: from Sublime Stitching make a great gift for the needleworker.
5. Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny & Aaron: Create Incredible Art Journals and Handmade Mixed Media Treasures with Two Master Crafters: I own this book and it is awesome! Not only does it show a bunch of really cool projects to make (from art journals to things like fake cakes that look good enough to eat!) but it also really serves as an inspiration to take techniques and tips and come up with your own projects. Anyhow who likes to make stuff would be lucky to receive a copy of this book for Christmas.

I’ve been doing almost all of my holiday shopping online, how about you? I love making little strange shopping guides, its like window shopping!
*the amazon links are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small percentage of amazon credit if you choose to buy something, but they are all items I wanted to link regardless

Thrifty Thursday – Mugs


One of my favorite things to look for at thrift shops is mugs! I’ve slowly built up a collection over the past nine years or so. I go through and weed out mugs every few months to keep our collection manageable (and then they go back into circulation at the thrift shops). Most of our mugs are ones we use on a daily basis…but we do have some super special mugs that we keep in our display cabinet instead. I thought I’d share a few of those with you today. The mug at the top has “Elks ’67” on the back side.


I got this coffee mug a few years ago, I love how simple it is, and there on no markings on the bottom.


I was really excited when I found this donut mug. Its huge! Big enough to “float” a donut in the top (which I’ve never tried but sounds interesting) I love plain cake donuts with coffee as it always reminds me of my grandfather on my Dad’s side.


These mugs are just as big as the dunker mug, and the same style of mug too.


Here’s another pair set of mugs. I have a similar set of plates, and I’ve seen these more then once so I think they were some sort of DIY kit.


And last are these kooky mushroom mugs that I see all the time! We’ve never used them for drinks though because the insert is paper and I’m afraid they would get ruined with washing. Still, they work great as pencil cups instead.