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I ordered some new fabrics from Spoonflower (I’ll post fabric photos once they arrive) I made 2 new Blythe fabric mixes. This is a set of 4 different fabrics that print on one fat quarter and in smaller scale then my normal fabrics. So perfect for doll clothes etc. I also wanted to do 4 on each fat quarter so you get a nice mix to work with, exspecially if you are just buying it to make clothing for your own dolls.

I also had so much fun making myself a collection of (mostly) polka dots. I wanted a huge variety of dots for something I am making, and figured Spoonflower would be the best route.

And then I played around with a few origami fabrics. My oldest son has requested a quilt with origami fabric, but I only have one right now (from Ikea) so I made up two new ones with a paper crane of course, and a bear. I’ll have to play around with these a bit more.

the puppies have arrived!


puppy dots

polka dots

The fabric arrived right after we got home from NYC, super fast! Now I just want to find the most perfect pattern to make a market/shopping type of bag with it.

Sorry the blogging has been a bit sporadic. I am getting ready for a 11 hour train trip with the boys to visit my parents for a week and there are so many last minute preparations I need to figure out (like what crafty project I want to bring for the train) I thought about cross stitch like last Summer but the train is always so bumpy that working on my hex quilt might be easier. But maybe I’ll still bring cross stitch for the beach…..

I also just realized that the boys have 29 days of Summer vacation left, which just seems nuts. My sister’s kids only have 23! So there is also the back-to-school shopping on the agenda, getting back into the weekly routine (which really I am so ready for) and getting my Etsy shop back open (and getting myself back to work, I haven’t made anything shop related in weeks!) So this is one last Summer fun trip before I need to focus on all those other “to-do’s”.


Fabric has arrived from Spoonflower and while I will have some fat quarters for sale during my Etsy shop update, you can also purchase all my fabrics from Spoonflower through this link.

I made the Christmas paper cut collection from all the same colors so they match perfectly…here they are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight.

I also have my hand drawn mr. & mrs. claus that I decided to print too just for fun. There are quite a few other fabrics too because I ordered a swatch collection. I am thinking the swatches will be the perfect size for my quilted zipper bags.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. Today I baked a pumpkin pie, made this spiced cranberry glaze for our tofurkey, and B and I baked up a batch of pilgrim cookies (the kid do not like pumpkin pie)