Working Wednesday – Tattooed Together

I added a new size of the tattooed together dolls over at Spoonflower. You can now buy them to fit on a fat quarter instead of a whole yard. Or you can get 4 sets of dolls on one yard of fabric!

The only change I would make is when sewing them up, sew the body and leave a space at the bottom for turning and stuffing. Then sew the arms and legs and hand sew them to the body. Since these guys are smaller it makes it extra difficult to turn if you sew the stuffed arms and legs in with the body. Otherwise they sew up pretty well! I decided to sew mine first this time, and then I will embroider the tattoos now once they are stuffed.

Working Wednesdays – Fabrics




My milk carton & banana fabric samples arrived. I think I am going to try and make some re-usable snack bags with them for school lunches.

I also made myself a zippered bag from my thermos fabric before my road trip (which I haven’t even had a chance to talk about yet! Tomorrow for sure!) I needed a small bag to hold cords, batteries, etc.

honey bees

And here is a new honey bee fabric that I’ve had in the works.


Picture 36

Picture 78

Picture 79

Picture 80

I ordered some new fabrics from Spoonflower (I’ll post fabric photos once they arrive) I made 2 new Blythe fabric mixes. This is a set of 4 different fabrics that print on one fat quarter and in smaller scale then my normal fabrics. So perfect for doll clothes etc. I also wanted to do 4 on each fat quarter so you get a nice mix to work with, exspecially if you are just buying it to make clothing for your own dolls.

I also had so much fun making myself a collection of (mostly) polka dots. I wanted a huge variety of dots for something I am making, and figured Spoonflower would be the best route.

And then I played around with a few origami fabrics. My oldest son has requested a quilt with origami fabric, but I only have one right now (from Ikea) so I made up two new ones with a paper crane of course, and a bear. I’ll have to play around with these a bit more.