Sprout Patterns & Betz White

When Betz White contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in trying out one of her Sprout patterns I was more then happy to say yes! If you aren’t familiar with Sprout Patterns, it is a new service that offers public indie sewing patterns that you combine with Spoonflower designs to create customized cut and sew projects. I adore Spoonflower and have been meaning to try Sprout out after seeing some really cool projects on instagram.
The website was very easy to use. You can pick from a design someone else has created, like my Witches & Ghosts bag, or use designs from Spoonflower to create a custom bag design. You can also go into an already created bag and edit it. Like say you want a Halloween purse, but want to change out my ghosts for a solid colored fabric, you can do that too. Once you have your fabric picked you can even move the fabric around so you get the designs you want lined up where you want them on your bag.
When your fabric arrives you simply cut it out (you will have some nice extra printed areas of fabric to save for another project too). Everything is clearly labeled, and besides the printed fabric you also get a PDF of the purse pattern. This is nice incase you ever want to make a second bag from fabrics in your stash.
The instructions were clear and I didn’t have any issues at all assembling my bag. It went together fairly quickly. This was my first time working with Spoonflower’s faux suede, and I really enjoyed it. It has a soft feel, but is sturdy. It was not difficult for my machine to sew, even with multiple layers.
The bag itself is such a great design. Lots of storage space with two roomy pockets on either side. Inside the main bag it has smaller slip pockets on one side, and a zippered pocket with design on the other.
The only change I made to the written pattern was leaving the top of the zippered pocket open. This way I added another pocket to my bag, perfect for sliding my phone into.

The bag comes in two sizes (I made the smaller size) The size I made is perfect purse size to me, and now I have my fall purse all ready to go come Sepetember 1st. If I can wait that long to use it. You can check out the Smile And Wave Tote here, and all of Betz White’s Sprout Patterns here.

Happy Hexies

When creating my quilt for the show at the Fuller Craft Museum I designed a fabric of rainbow squares with my illustrations. These were created so that once cut up I could create hexagons using the english paper piecing method. A few people expressed interest in getting that fabric when I posted a peek of my hexagon making on instagram, so I decided to create a whole new fabric to offer for sale on Spoonflower. The fabric for the show quilt fit on a fat quarter and I wanted to challenge myself to fill one yard of fabric with 168 different characters. While some illustrations are similar (there are a few gnomes but they are each wearing different colored clothing and hats) each illustration is different. You can now find the fabric at Spoonflower here.
Spoonflower is also currently offering 15-20% off fabric through until 10am EDT Monday May 9th!

my fabric design process

Someone on Instagram said they’d like to see a post on the way I design fabric. Since I love seeing other the way people work and a look behind the scenes I thought maybe you would like to see how I do things too. When Spoonflower first began and I realized I could design my own fabrics I was really excited. I don’t have any formal education when it comes to art/design, or computer programs at all. Never one to let that stop me (at this point I had a basic knowledge of photoshop from using it for a few years). I started making fabric designs from cut paper which I then would scan and move around the best I could in Photoshop. Thankfully Spoonflower offered repeats on their website and it made the process easy if you had one single image you wanted repeated across the fabric. Over the last few years I’ve learned a lot more about all the amazing things you can do in Photoshop by trial and error. There are probably easier ways to do some things, and like I said no formal education here, so remember my way may not be the best way…but here ya go!
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