Thrifting Thursday – Embroidery Patterns

Every year the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary has a fabric sale in my area. Besides the fun fabrics, they also have all sorts of patterns. I can’t resist looking through the vintage embroidery patterns, the paper itself is beautiful! A few patterns I’ve bought no longer work as iron-ons, but then you can use the paper to cover some boxes (like a permanent wrapping paper) or frame them even. I recently found a roll of vintage wrapping paper that I am so in love with, and honestly I could tell the people at the thrift shop thought I was absolutely bonkers haha. I’m planning to buy some paper mache boxes to permanently adhere the gift wrap to–so I can have it around for as long as possible.

Thrifting Thursday – Cookery Books

Today I thought I’d share two thrifted books. The book on the left is a cooking-clips book, or a book filled with files for storing recipes you clip out of magazines and newspapers. I love it, but I also wish it came filled with recipes. I loved reading old clippings like that. There are so very strange vintage recipes out there indeed!
The next book Praise for the Cook is a promotional cookbook that was released by Crisco in 1959. It has the best illustrations, and look at that cute little tub of crisco!

Thrifting Thursday – recent finds

I didn’t get a chance to photograph this week’s thrifty share, but I thought I’d still give you a peek at some thrifted goods from last week that I had up on instagram. The thrift shops had not been great for a few weeks in a row (my sister and I thrift once a week together) and some days we don’t find anything–but that’s okay! This particular week however was a good one! Golden books, a blow mold Santa head, some spun cotton Christmas characters, a weather house (which I hung up with all my cuckoo clocks) a beautiful starmite, and last but not least a cathrineholm plate that was 10¢!!! It had a bunch of clear tape stuck to the front with marker written on the tape so I wasn’t sure at first if the writing was on the actual plate or not, so I was super happy when the taped peeled off easily, writing and all.