Thrifting Thursday – make overs

One of my favorite things to thrift is something very cheap that can easily be made over. I really needed some extra chairs for this last Crafternoon so I was on the lookout that week while thrift shopping. My sister pointed out this chair that was for sale for $1.

It was covered in some bad brown vinyl and had a few rips, but it also looked like it would be easy to unscrew and re-cover which is exactly what I did! I used the fabric Kelly Lee-Creel Storybook Lane Cuckoo Clocks which I love. I had a half yard which worked out perfectly. If you have any thrift shop before/afters please link them in a comment, I’d love to see!

Thrifting Thursday – Roadtrip Finds

Today I thought I’d share with you my finds from our road trip to Georgia. We didn’t have a huge amount of luck, but it was better that we each only found a few items since the car was pretty packed with suitcases!

I bought this mushroom pitcher from Frecklewonder’s booth at the antique shop in VA. I love it so very much!

I found a few good books at various thrift shops, I adore the illustrations in the Rain one, and how could I resist the Fat Little Policeman?

Last but not least I found a vintage dansk dutch oven. It was at my parent’s Goodwill. I generally do not like Goodwill stores because I find their prices a little outrageous. But I was there looking around with my sister and parents (hadn’t found anything) when I heard a bell ring and saw people flocking toward a wheeled shelf. Apparently at this Goodwill whenever they bring new items to the floor they ring a bell to alert people. I’ve never been in one that did this! Anyhow my sister was closer to the shelf then I was and I asked if she could grab the red pan for me. I couldn’t really tell what it was at first because it had the lid off and was wrapped up in so much packing tape. But I am super excited to have found one, and for $5 to boot! Maybe I will have to change my opinion on the Goodwill?

Thrifting Thursday – Road Trip Thrift Shopping

Last week I left on a six day road trip with my sister Heather. She had asked me months ago to take a trip with her to Savannah GA because her son wanted to visit SCAD. He’ll be a senior next year like K, so we’ve got college visits in the works (I cannot believe this is happening!) She really wanted to drive so we could stop places along the way, so we rented a SUV and headed out. Her, her oldest son, and my two boys.

We had mapped out some thrift shopping along the way. The only really hard part about this is you never know what the thrift shops are going to be like. We did make a stop in Staunton VA because it was right off of 81 south. We stumbled across Wright’s Drive In, which I remembered seeing in Jenny Frecklewonder’s instagram. It is the cutest drive-in! You can go inside and sit and order from a phone at your table (which is what we did) and the kid’s meals come in a little cardboard car.

We also checked out the antique shop downtown that Jenny sells her goods at, its a beautiful shop and worth checking out for sure! The photo at the very top is from the antique shop.
The day we left on the trip happened to be 7/11 also known as free slurpee day. We could of really taken advantage of this on the drive, but we only stopped at one haha.
Besides thrift shops we had to make some roadside america stops, like this beautiful coffee pot shaped building outside of Buena Vista VA. It used to be a fish market, but it closed now. I’d love to live in a house shaped like something else!
So back to the thrifting—I think I broke every “thrift while traveling” rule, most of what I bought was glass (luckily nothing broke), I also bought a record even though the temperature got pretty high on our trip, and I bought a paper item that could of become bent. Luckily everything survived! Besides thrift shops, we also stopped to see my parents who live in South Carolina and spent some time at the beach. I have a few more photos to share tomorrow.