Thrifty Thursday – Mugs


One of my favorite things to look for at thrift shops is mugs! I’ve slowly built up a collection over the past nine years or so. I go through and weed out mugs every few months to keep our collection manageable (and then they go back into circulation at the thrift shops). Most of our mugs are ones we use on a daily basis…but we do have some super special mugs that we keep in our display cabinet instead. I thought I’d share a few of those with you today. The mug at the top has “Elks ’67” on the back side.


I got this coffee mug a few years ago, I love how simple it is, and there on no markings on the bottom.


I was really excited when I found this donut mug. Its huge! Big enough to “float” a donut in the top (which I’ve never tried but sounds interesting) I love plain cake donuts with coffee as it always reminds me of my grandfather on my Dad’s side.


These mugs are just as big as the dunker mug, and the same style of mug too.


Here’s another pair set of mugs. I have a similar set of plates, and I’ve seen these more then once so I think they were some sort of DIY kit.


And last are these kooky mushroom mugs that I see all the time! We’ve never used them for drinks though because the insert is paper and I’m afraid they would get ruined with washing. Still, they work great as pencil cups instead.

Thrifty Thursday – Finds


My sister Heather and I like to go out thrift shopping once a week or so. It’s so much fun to get together with her, we usually have a little lunch date, complain about high prices (Goodwill I am looking at you), and find cheap goodies that make us very happy indeed.

There are many many times when I come away from a thrift shopping trip with just a book, or maybe a mug, but there are some days when the thrift gods are smiling down on me!

The first photo up there was actually from a yard-sale shopping trip (with Heather of course).


This stash of vintage cameras was one of those lucky days! I have been on the look out for an 8MM video camera, and this box had not 1..but 2! One takes batteries and the other is wind up.

I have a thing for vintage dishes. I cannot leave a good mug behind, or plate….or cup….hmmmm

And don’t worry about Heather, she finds good stuff too…just look at this super cute cat she found! I love it!


What about you? What is your thrift weakness? I have so many….vintage dishes, old board games, cute knick-knacks, old toys…..oh and kid’s books…it just goes on and on!