Ice cream sundae


On the day Molly and I hit the cake topper mother load, we did do a little more exploring around Cumberland and back up into Pennsylvania. We have this thing for sundaes with wacky names. It all started when we saw an ice cream shop inside The Craft And Flower marketplace. They had a little ice cream shop inside that was closed but the menu board advertised a “piggy back sundae” Of course ever since we have been thinking up crazy things as to what it could be. I think it could be two smaller sundaes of your choice-one on top of another, but who knows.
Okay so I decided to do a google search for the sundae before I typed anymore of this blog entry and only two things come up, but they say the same thing. It seems a piggy back sundae is a milkshake topped with an ice cream sundae! I can’t even imagine how that is possible, but I am glad to have the mystery solved.
Anyhow, we wanted to stop for wacky ice cream sundaes on our drive home and The Igloo in Everett PA happened to be on our route. Giant ice cream sundae topped building and kooky sundae flavors, we were sold. Molly had the dirt sundae and I went for the ice cream cake sundae which seemed to have a cake flavored topping, caramel, and crumbled chocolate cake.
We also hit a few antique/flea market type places. I wanted to buy the creepy strawberry but it was $18. We did however talk ourselves into each buying a $1 goodie bag. They were decorated so nicely and we had lots of laughs joking that they might have used underwear, dirty dishes that some one just didn’t want to wash, or some other garbage. We figured $1 was worth the risk. The cashier joked that they would be bricks wrapped in tinfoil. We were so excited when we got back to the car that we opened them right away. Dirty dishes might have been better then what we did get, at least there might have been cute dishes we could of scrubbed the mold off of (I really wish I could insert a laughing until I cry emoji here).
Mine had gems like a used wallet filled with receipts, a pair of prescription glasses, some keys. There was also a few pamphlets (basically junk mail). And Molly’s wasn’t any better. We dropped off all the contents at the next thrift shop. Still it certainly was exciting!! Made me wonder though if someone had a break up and packed up the ex’s things into goodie bags to sell in their antique shop booth. I hope there isn’t a little lady named Judy hunting for her glasses and keys!


Since it’s been awhile since I shared any thrifted finds on here I thought I’d make a post. My sister and I have stopped the weekly thrift shopping for awhile because the stores were just having a lot of the same stuff. We still pop in now and again, but do not go every week like we used to. So the stuff you see here is from the last three months.
The top photo is most recent. Thomas and I took a trip up to Penn State to help Kurt pack up his dorm room, put most of it in storage up there, and bring him back home for the Summer. Since next year he will be in an apartment in State College this could be the last Summer we have him home. It’s really so strange to think about. The drive to State College is a little under three hours, so we made a stop when we saw a billboard for a big antique mall right off the highway. I found the bunka doll first and she was $15 but came with a doll stand. I justified buying her since I have never seen an actual bunka doll in real life, and they seem rather unusual to stumble upon here in the states. Then in another booth I found the kewpie doll for $3 and the bunny planter for $2. The whole booth was filled with items marked down really low. I am kicking myself for not buying the beautiful vintage umbrella quilt that was only $30. That one can live in my mental list of “ones that got away” along with the beautifully decorated metal tree stand covered in smiling snowmen. I had decided not to buy it at the time even though it was only fifty cents.
The set of doll dishes I bought on a day thrifting with my sister. It was the only thing I found that day, but totally worth the $5 it set me back.
The egg salt and pepper shakers were $2 and I found them the day Thomas and I went on an adventure.
The record and book were quite awhile ago, before Easter even-so I don’t remember the details, but they had to be cheap. I don’t like to pay more then $1 for books and $2 for records.
The next photo was from a really good day with my sister, again before Easter so I’m not sure about price details. Again I am cheap when it comes to cutesy knick-knacks so I am sure they could not of cost me too much.
And some final photos from the last couple months. More fun kids books, really cute atomic bowls, and a glass jar for iced coffee. I do remember the jar was only 25 cents because I figured you can buy them knew for about $1 so that was a wonderful price.
Besides buying up fun knew things I have done some cleaning out over the last 3 months. The first time I took 8 bags of goods to donate, and the last time I had ten. I like to think of it as a lovely cycle of always sending items off to be enjoyed by others, but still being able to find cute things to bring home.

Salvation Army Fabric Sale

Wednesday was the kick off of the annual Salvation Army Fabric Sale here in PA. I kind of debated going on opening day, but then the night before I realized I would really regret it if I didn’t. So Wednesday morning I got up at 6am and my friend Crystal and I headed to stand in line (with lots and lots of other people) for a chance at some crafty supplies!
It was so much fun as always, and I was really restrained this year. I only filled two bags for myself, and one for my friend Molly who wasn’t able to get off work. She just opened a online shop selling the really cute things she makes using vintage supplies, check it out here!
I’ll take some detail photos to share of all the goodies I got, not much fabric this time-but goodness knows my fabric stash is not lacking.