Have I mentioned that housewares are a weakness of mine when it comes to thrift shopping? They are easy to justify buying, because of course they are useful, and so lovely. I’m very very slowly accumulating pretty silverware to replace our boring plain stuff. As I get a “new” butter knife or two, two plain ones get donated. I quite like mis-match, and digging through silverware bins for something special.

Pennsylvania Adventures

A few weeks ago my friend Molly had a week day off of work, and we decided it might be the perfect time for one last Summer day trip through Pennsylvania. We started off heading towards thrift shopping around York PA, and then circled upwards to Lititz for lunch. We ate at the cutest place called Tomato Pie Cafe. Molly had taken a trip with her husband earlier this year to the Lancaster area and this was one of the places they had eaten at. We sat out on the patio since it was such a mild day and both ordered the iced aloha coffee (look at that foam!) I ordered the namesake tomato pie with rosemary potatoes which was delicious. Molly had a tomato pie omelet (sort of like the pie wrapped up in eggs?) Everything was so good, and the town is really cute. We were on a bit of a schedule to hit all the thrift shops we wanted to before they closed, so we didn’t get to spend anymore time there besides lunch, but you can read about Molly’s previous trip there here.
After lunch we continued on to the Hershey PA area and stopped in some thrift shops a long the way back home, making somewhat of a circle. One of the thrift shops just happens to also be a bologna outlet and their mascot has always made me smile. It was a fun day and I ended up with lots more temporama dishes (some day I will have a whole set!)

clown to elephant

While thrift shopping this strange clown doll caught my eye, actually the cute fabric of his clothing and hat caught my eye…he kind of scared me (and I like most clowns) I have a stash of cute doll heads at home so I brought him in for a little surgery. It was quite easy to snip the little cotton thread holding his head on, and then I hot glued the new elephant head in place.
I like him a lot more now, and don’t worry his old head will be donated back to the thrifts along with some other crafty supplies. Hopefully there will be someone out there gathering doll heads for their own projects that won’t find him the least big frightening.