Thrifted House

I bought this little Fisher Price house at the thrift shop, because that face was too cute to leave behind. The thing is, it is pretty dirty and I am at a loss on how to clean it. Most of the things that make it so adorable are basically paper stickers, so I am wary about using cleaners or anything that might get it wet. Any tips? I’d love to hear what you do to clean up vintage toys.

Summer yardsales

I have only been yardsale shopping 4 or 5 times this Summer, but have found some great stuff. These gems were from a church yardsale a local friend had texted me about the day before. A new version of Alice In Wonderland for our collection, and this family of bunnies was split up and all mixed up in a huge pile of plush. Once I found one I thought I should dig a bit more. I’m happy I did because it meant all three came home to live with me.