DIY Easy Valentine’s Banner

Besides printable Valentine cards, with my print-outs you can also make decorative banners. They are easy and fast! Here’s what you need:

InkJet Iron-On Transfers: I like the kind made for dark colors
-red and white felt
Scallop Fabric Shears: these are pricey and with some types of felt you can use scalloped scissors designed for paper instead. Instead I have a by Fiskars (which they no longer seem to make) and I love using them for cutting fabric and felt. They were also a bit pricey when I purchased them, but have lasted me almost five years of cutting fabrics in a scallop shape, and are still going strong. Also please keep in mind you could still get a great shape using fabric pinking shears you might already own to do the decorative edge.


First print out your valentines onto the iron-on paper following the directions on the package. Cut out a valentine with the plain scissors. Iron onto white felt. I then use a combination of my plain scissors and scallop to create a scallop design just around the heart as I cut it out of the white felt.

Use your glue to adhere your valentine to red felt and allow to dry. Cut out leaving a small border of red around the entire thing.


I glued the string to the back upper area of each valentine using a rectangle of leftover red felt. You could also sandwich and glue the string in between your white and red layer of felt, but I wanted mine to be behind the entire thing. Allow to dry and hang up!


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The Language Of Love : Morse Code

Personally I find Morse Code incredibly romantic. What could be sweeter then a love note fashioned out of code? I was excited when I stumbled upon this video by the amazing Robert Mahar showing you how to make a morse code necklace out of little beads, just fantastic! Be sure and check out all his video tutorials. I needed to come up with a craft project for the Valentine’s day party at my son’s school on Friday and this one kept sticking out in my mind, but I worried about the logistics of a room of 23 nine and ten year olds trying to string tiny beads.

Then I got to idea to recreate the necklaces using bigger beads for the dots, and cut up paper straws for the dashes. I have a big jar of the paper straws on hand, and they are perfect pastel colors. I also couldn’t find a print out morse code chart on the video so I created a PDF that I am going to print and bring in so each kid has a copy to write out their code on the bottom, and then take home in case they want to make more later.
You can print/save a copy here The cute little guy is from a vintage record that teaches you morse code. For the beads I found a one pound container of at Hobby Lobby for $13.99 and then used my 40% off coupon. For string I chose a red nylon, since nylon is strong yet still thin enough to make threading the beads a breeze.


And in the case that this wasn’t enough More Code love for you, how about..
A Morse Code Necklace made from clay
Coatt’s gorgeous line of Morse Code necklaces made from gold and silk
crochet a Morse Code scarf
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DIY Paint by number valentine printable

DIY paint by number valentines -
DIY paint by number valentines -
DIY paint by number valentines -
DIY paint by number valentines -
Today I wanted to share with you some paint-by-number Valentine printables. My older son Kurt asked me to design a valentine that was not so cute for his friends, so I decided on paint by numbers in heart shapes. Printed on card stock and cut out with pinking shears, I think they are pretty fun…and if strung together could make a cute Valentine garland (and there is still time!) I wanted to share them with you for your own personal use.
just a little reminder (and I hate to have to do this but……)
**Personal use means non-commercial use of the valentines including copies and print outs for yourself, your personal crafts/scrapbooking and to give to friends. The valentines may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. The valentines may not be used in advertising, and they may not be resold.*** I want to always be able to share free designs with you guys, but please respect the personal use clause.
Okay, all that said you can find the PDF here. They print our 8 per sheet, and you can then write your personal note of affection on the back.