February Plush Of The Month Club

Plush of the month club boxes for February were all about LOVE, and my love for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Since coffee is my number one, that was the focus of this box. A happy coffee bean in a customized coffee bag. There was also a mini tea bag plush, and to keep with the Valentine theme it’s paper tag read “you’re my cup of tea”.
Each box contained three paper valentines (one coffee, tea, and hot chocolate) and an iconic NYC paper coffee cup filled with coffee colored paper crinkles and coffee candies.
I hope my unusual take on Valentine’s Day was unexpected, and a surprise for everyone who got a box.

February Crafternoon

I didn’t have a crafternoon in January, as a little break from all the holiday madness. Come February I was excited to dive back in and see everyone again. For the craft we decorated ceramic dishes (things you can find all over, Target has a whole aisle of plain white dishes) with Pebeo Porcelaine Markers and Pebeo Porcelaine China Paint. After you draw or paint on your surfaces and allow to dry for 24 hours, you bake cure them in your oven for about 30 minutes. I’ve used these in the past for my sugar dish and its gone through the dishwasher dozens of times and still looks just like new. I liked using the paints best because I could mix the colors. Everyone came up with such fun finished items!

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