black & white

I dont always appreciate black & white photos like I should…..
I also don’t post a lot of photos of my self, as I tend to be the kind of person that can find something I hate about every photo I am in. Some times you need to just relax and say “hey-thats just my face frozen in time, I’m way cuter in real life”. And you need to let your self believe it, no matter what the little mean voice in the back of your head is trying to tell you, that voice doesn’t know a thing.
When I am caught in someone else’s photos I usually make the same face because I forget how to smile. When some one says to smile for a photo I can’t stop thinking things like “Am I doing it right? Is this how I smile? How the hell do I smile? Did they take the photo? Do I keep smiling?” Tyra Banks would tell me I need to practice my smizing in the mirror, but I’d rather be sewing.
On this particular day though I was feeling pretty (after weeks of hating the fact that I gave my self some bangs in a fit of hair boredom) and the photo was just for Thomas who had left for work before I had gotten ready for a party. I took the photo myself on my phone, and friends the power of a “selfie” with no one else around is just downright relaxing. There is no pressure and if you blink, well you delete that sucker and no one is ever the wiser (except everyone on the planet, because we all do that right?) So there I am…..but I am also here, and here and here and those photos make me cringe, but I am trying to get over that. Not just because I’ve lost some weight, but also because those are just my face frozen in time, and I’m way cuter in real life ;)
So lets be kind to ourselves, and to one another, and ignore that bossy little voice that tells us we are not pretty enough….and take more photos in black and white & color. I think its time I load a roll of black and white film into my brownie (as I’ve only used the color film so far)
Happy Friday friends!