Ribbon Factory Hagertown MD

At the ceramic studio we were discussing needing ribbon or cords for our upcoming Wizarding Festival. Someone mentioned the Ribbon Factory and I had never heard of the place even though it’s only one town over. I decided I needed to go and check it out, and what a treasure trove!
When we pulled up there was a tent out front with ribbon 10 for $1! (The lady inside said they’ll actually keep this tent sale going all Summer)

The 10 for $1 ribbon while mostly plain, most of them had over 150 yards of ribbon per spool. An amazing deal for the type of ribbon.

Inside was bigger then I expected! I found ribbon cording that was perfect for our frog project at $2.99 a roll, but they also had all kinds of other fun things to look at.

The day I visited they were also offering an additional 25% off your total if you spent at least $8. I’ll be back for sure, and highly recommend checking them out if you are in the Hagerstown MD area.

New York City 2018

I recently took a trip to NYC with my 15 year old son, my friend Katie and her son who will turn 16 soon. He wanted to check out the city for his birthday, and so we planned lots of things two teenage boys might like to see and do in they city.
We took the train out of Harrisburg which is really my favorite way to do New York. No worry about a car or where you’ll park once you arrive.
Below I’ll provide links to all the things we did while we were there. You can also check out my previous posts from trips to NYC for ideas too, I’ll put links to these at the very bottom of this post. Some of them no longer have photos (the really old ones) but do still have active links that may be helpful when finding things to do.
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