Grocery Shopping

I used to like grocery shopping. In my past life (8 years ago or so) I was a coupon clipping maniac. I kept my coupons in a giant plastic shoe box container filled to the max. I used to trade coupons on coupon trading boards, no seriously. It all sounds a bit insane now, but it was fun at the time. I was always getting mail, and grocery shopping was like a giant treasure hunt.

Once my older sister (who I lured into the coupon clipping freakdom) and I went to a big double any coupon day at a grocery store 45 minutes out of our way. I came away with two carts of stuff for under $30. I had something like 30 tubes of toothpaste, 50 bottles of salad dressing, you get the idea. I ended up donating/giving away a bunch of the stuff that ended up free. Especially when I moved (who needs to pack and move that many bottles of salad dressing, right?) Anyhow, I am not saying that people who clip + use coupons are freaks, just that I got maybe a little too into it (intervention anyone?)

From dinner out the other day. I love it when restaurants have the paper table clothes for the kids to go wild on. I drew some horrifying portraits on my section, children with flaring nostrils and scary cheekbones. The waiter looked at me oddly after that. I hope he didn’t think they were drawings of him!


Pumpkin, another “fruit” for the garden. I am actually in the process of creating a dirt-looking garden to nestle all the vegetables into for an upcoming show, more on that when it gets closer. Interesting info on pumpkins though. I found lots of varying information on wether pumpkins are fruits or vegetables. says A coarse trailing vine (Cucurbita pepo) widely cultivated for its fruit.
The large pulpy round fruit of this plant, having a thick, orange-yellow rind and numerous seeds.
Any of several other vines of the genus Cucurbita, especially C. maxima or C. moschata, bearing large pumpkinlike squashes.
And most of what I found seems to clasify the pumpkins as fruit!

This mug is one of my Goodwill finds from Monday. I loved the lettering font as well as the stuff it lists, seems to fit me and my plushies so well. It costs .50 and has a tiny chip off the top on one side, so I am using it to hold pencils rather then drink coffee. Still, worth every penny!

Just a quickie

Trying to be quick because I have to run a big load of packages to the post office. Here are a few shots of things I have been working on lately. I also have been sewing more cinnamon rolls and cabbages. I am trying to get a good stock built for the summer shows, but it seems like once I do get a little stock going I get a couple wholesale orders at once, haha!

Yesterday I spent the day with my sister in Frederick MD. She was getting her car worked on and understandable didn’t want to sit at the car place for hours + hours with an infant. We had too much fun shopping at all the thrift shops, had lunch out, and then took the kids to the playground for awhile. I got all kinds of great stuff like a really old hambuger with a face pillow/toy and a really cute mug, but I will have to photograph those later.

For everyone wondering the ISBN #’s of those great books I talked about the other day. One (Kids rooms in Stockholm) is 4-07-250139-5 and the other (Chambres d’enfants a paris) is 4-07-248674-4 The Paris one is actually my most favorite!