The Cabbages are coming!

The cabbages are coming…and possibly a cauliflower or two? I have the big shop update set for some time on Friday. If your on the mailing list you’ll get an email once everything is added. I need to work on some more yarn today. Oh and I’ll be adding cinnamon rolls too.

I can’t say how often things like the cabbage and cinnamon rolls will be added, they seem to take me such a long time to make just one! I figure maybe part of it is because its something new, so it will take me a little while to get into my groove. But man all the sewing on the cabbages is so time consuming!!!

This morning I made a stop at the Salavation Army thrift store. They were clearing out their necklaces and told me I could get anything I liked for .25 each. I ended up with 7 new necklaces. A few I might re-string a little differently, but I will probably try wearing them all as is first.

Conversationg between Tom and I that makes me question our local restaurant selection..
Me: Where should we eat?
Tom: I don’t know.
Me: What about that Mexican restaurant we ate at that one time on a date.
Tom: which one? The one with the salsa like spaghetti sauce?
Me: No, the one were the host kept staring at my chest, and then that other time we found a chewed wet chip in the bottom of our basket..
Tom: Oh yeah and that one time we never got silverware!
Me: Yeah that one! Mmm yummy!


This is the new plush I’ve been working on. We make cinnamon rolls for breakfast almost once a week, so they are a family favorite. I bought more “icing” today so I hope to get more made so I can get the shop updated.

I have been buying stuff for next week’s birthday party. I love the little ice creams. They are actually scented bubbles that smell like the flavor of ice cream. They are sold in packs of three for $1.00. I also bought punch balloons, and these adorable lollipops. I bought two more bags of the lollipops to use for order treats. I like how they are so small and such great colors!

We also spent far too much money this morning buying all three of the Hayao Miyazaki’s movies (thanks Heatherica for the heads up, I had no idea 3 were releasing today) and Harry Potter, and Mirror Mask (since we didn’t own it and had a hard time finding it when it was first released) I am quite sure the lady who rang us up thought we were freaks (which maybe we are?)

Pillows too…

I recently made some new pillows for our couch. I had this great black and white fabric from Ikea for a little while now and wanted to use a bit of it for something. Its nice and thick, so great for pillows that get wear and tear.

Someone asked to see a bigger photo of the livingroom, this is one side. We recently moved the “buffet” table in here. I am one of those people who is constantly rearranging furniture. I think i get it from my mom :) I was looking through my old house photos of Flickr and thinking how very much I need to update them. I took most of the older photos when we had just moved in, and now there is a lot more on the walls etc.

I am really excited about tomorrow because Howl’s Moving Castle and the new Harry Potter The Goblet Of Fire both come out to dvd. I haven’t seen either yet so should be a real treat.