The Red + White post

You might think I am a “pink” kind of gal, and you wouldn’t be wrong..I do love pink. But I also love red, red + white especially…and if its red and white polka dots…oh my, im sold. These little mushrooms are the reason I couldn’t get more cinnamon rolls done this week, sorry. I’m feeling very much in that place where the ideas are clamouring in one on top of each other. My fingers can barely seem to keep up with my mind.

I have a huge pile of mushrooms all cut up awaiting the sewing machine. So hopefully when I do finally add these to the shop, there will not be a sell-out.

Sticking with the red + white love, I found this apple mug for .30 at a new thrift shop that opened here locally. It benefits the local animal shelter (like I need an excuse to spend money there!) I spotted it across the room and was expecting to be dissapointed. I thought for sure I would turn the mug around and see some garish text on the reverse side…BUT NO! Sweet victory, the whole mug is covered in these adorable apples, not one tiny bit of anything else.

Today was a fun + exhausting day. In the morning I picked up my younger sister Noelle and we went about looking for indoor yardsales (it was quite cold) and flea markets. Then i took her out to lunch, but soon after had to drop her back off at home. She is three months pregnant and cannot take too much excitiment you see.

Then the kids and I drove around to some neighboring towns to check out thrift stores we have never been to. Then we stopped by Sean and Amanda’s new house and helped them move a bit of stuff in. We just got home about an hour ago. Now I am sleepy and ready to curl up with some Gilmore Girls dvds and hot coffee as soon as Tom gets home. Speaking of the Gils, I love that show. We are on season 4 via Netflix. I am hoping by the time we finish the first couple of discs of this season the new Six Feet Under will be on its way to my house!!

Don’t Cry For Me…

When deciding I wanted to create a plush “tissue box” complete with used tissues laying about crying, I wondered if that meant I was maybe a little bit crazy? Then again maybe its not me wanting to make it, thats makes me nuts…but the fact that I find some melanchonly kind of sadness about little used tissue wads.

It might be hard to tell from the photos, but each little tissue wad is carefully sewn with love. I really didn’t just wad up a ball of fabric and call it done. Haha, no each little sad waddy ball was carefully sewn and arranged in wad-ball goodness!
I already updated the shop for today (sorry!!) But I saved a few plush items to add later tonight, probably pretty late too. Hope this helps some people out!

I just got an email saying my blog is Feedster’s blog of the day. I had never heard of feedster, but horray! haha

I’m ready…promotion…

These will also be added to the shop on Friday. At this point it looks like just cabbages, pins, and yarn for the update (sorry cinnamon roll seeking people) I just didn’t get a chance to get more sewn. Hopefully next week though.
Today is busy with fun errands like the library, spinning shop, and even a trip to the movies to see Doogal. Now that B does so well with movies we have been going much more often. This morning felt (not weather wise) like summer, and reminded me of what fun that will be. Sure the heat will suck, but there is so much fun to be had when we don’t have to worry about school.
A couple weeks ago M. Patrizio posted about these books I ordered three of them from because they looked really nice. I got them a few days ago and can’t stop pouring over them. When I first looked through them I felt like my head would explode due to all the amazing-ness! I’ll post a few photos and the USB codes later today.