Boston Tea Party..


So our youngest son has a birthday coming up. He will be turnign three and we have decided to have a big tea party for him. He loves tea, tea cups, and anything to do with tea pots! So I made these plushies last night so I could photograph them for the invitations.

We have also been buying interesting looking teapots for the party. We were lucky to find some fun ones at Goodwill, and then found a kitty cat shaped pot for $3.00 brand new! I am going to make tiny tea sandwiches, itty bitty tea cakes too. Scones are a given…and maybe madelines, or some other delicate looking cookie.

We are going to bring down all sorts of stuffed animals and plush for the occasion, and dress up! Tea gloves, anyone? Should be lots of fun!


This was the first cup I ever tried making (a cup of coffee) Its a little silly looking. You can see the original post here. It makes me a little nostalgic and now I want to go through my old journal and see all the photos! I looked back and I have been blogging since 04/10/04 (on livejournal anyway) I can’t beleive its been so long.

We had all kinds of snow the past few days. So this morning Tom shovelled out the cars and we tried making a snowman, which turned into a snow volcano instead. I got snowballs in the face (and down the back of my pants, ahh thanks tom!) I love having old radiators to dry our snow clothes when we come inside!

Hel-Looks I love this site, its like the Fruits books, but in Finland. I like this outfit and this one too!

Molly Chicken makes some seriously cute stuff, Check out these cookies

My Little Mochi also scores big in the cute food dept. Check out her snowmen cookies (perfect for today!) and look… monkey cupcakes!

Letting Go…


A really big cake that I am working on for an upcoming show. It still needs the proper faces though to express how hard it is to let something go.

The wise old adage; “If you love something, let it go, if it comes back to you, it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was.”

Sweet Meats I met Lauren at the Bust Craftacular. We did a swap, she got a toaster purse..I got a huge family sized pork chop (which now by the way resides on top of our fridge) For a vegetarian I sure like my plush meat!

RIT dye color mixing chart For those of you who use dye for fiber/fabric/or yarn. Mustard is my favorite!

More Photos from Feast..


A lovely lady named Mimi sent me some photos she took of the show “Feast Your Eyes”. This is the wall of my stuff. I have been getting a few emails from people who went to the Gallery 1988 show, and would love love love to see some photographs! Please send them my way if you have any mypapercraneATearthlinkDOTnet

Here is another photo from Mimi (sorry for cutting you out of the photo, I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about having a big photos of yourself on my blog :) I often wonder about the new owners of this cake, and the pink cake that sold at the Plush Rush show. I always wonder about the big “one of a kind-ish things” Where they are at, and what the people who buy them do to display them.

Since everyone seems to love the links, here ya go!
Bazaar Bizarre SF BB in San Fransico is now taking aps for their show April 22nd + 23rd. I’ve been considering doing a show or two on the west coast as an excuse for travel…must think about this one!

Candi (aka Snaggs) is someone I came across on Flickr (ahh flickr!) She makes these amazing felty peices of art. Check out Sloth my favorite!

Fashion Market II
Noodoll puts out these amazing looking books (I and II) I ordered both last week and cannot wait to get them!