Looking Back…

So I had this long entry typed out..all about how I sometimes joke that I never go back, only forward (quote from Harriet The Spy actually) But I hit something or another and the whole post was gone. Yet very fitting with the topic of never going back…I find it so very hard to repeat everything I just said by typing it over again.
The jist was, sometimes looking back at old things you have made can be really inspring. Sure we all have our past “mistakes” I keep a whole box of plushies in the closet and look back at them with such embarrassment. Still, there is something about looking at old creations that is magical. Its like for a moment you remember how excited you felt to create the object, or how the idea was burning in your mind..and finally working it out (on paper, fabric, song lyrics etc) was just so fufilling!

Hence all the old work you see above. I dug out some old stuff to give myself that much needed kick in the pants.

In other food-related news, this morning we went out for breakfast with Tom’s parents. I have to say I think breakfast is the best meal you could eat out. I had a belgium waffle, oh so good!
and I went to Trader Joes for the first time the other day, lots of yummy stuff there..whole wheat pizza crust dough, the best soy cheese, and mini pitas (Can you tell I haven’t eaten lunch yet?) Sadly the closest one is about an hour away.

Mustache and such

I love Sundays. They always feel so relaxed and lazy. Don’t get me wrong I do a lot on Sundays, its just the day seems laid back. Sunday night’s Tom gets home at 5pm (trust me 5pm for the wife of a tattoo artist seems amazing!) We always make a big fun dinner together…Sundays are nice.

I found some dinosaur print outs online and the kids were coloring them with marker. The photo to the left is what happens when you leave the room for five minutes. The ten year old gave the two year old a purple mustache.

You can print and color some dinos of your own here.
We had “Uncrustables” today (basically frozen PB+J’s without crust)

You just let them thaw out for a few hours and I was surprised by how good they are. They are kind of silly though.

I am trying to get back into drawing a little bit everyday. I read something about family sketchbook nights, and want to do something similar. I figure gather all sorts of drawing tools, get everyone a new sketchbook and Sunday nights we can sit around and draw for a bit together. I wish I could remeber where I read about it!

♥ pink ink
♥ warm tights on windy days like today
♥ windy days where the wind sounds like ghosts (like today)
♥ sealing + mailing invites to a party
♥ the word “declaration” or phrases such as “I declare!”

Cheer up Prickly

A group of prickly cacti. Notice the spoil sport up front. (that was me last night while I struggled over the plushie below) I was trying out a new green fleece with these. I think I prefer the darker green instead.

This little guy gave me lots of trouble. He’s suppose to be a speaker, but he came out all wrong. First of all I wanted the Speaker parts to recess into the box (like a real speaker does) but the damn bathingsuit stretchy fabric I just had to use…did not work so well. This is actually my second attempt. The first attempt became a big mess and found it’s way to the trash can. Luckily the kids were in bed, and Tom was still at work. So no one was around to hear my bitterness.
Then it came time for the face. In my mind I pictured two faces one on the small, one of the large looking at each other, oh so happily. In reality no matter where I put the face, it looked weird. If I put the eyes above the small speaker, the whole thing looked like a rectangle bear who was missing his ears.
This is one plushy I’m going to have to think about a bit more before attempting again…

Some nights I just shouldn’t sew! haha