Cold Cold Cold!

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This morning we woke up to a house that was somewhere below 50 degrees. Sometime last night our noisey heat died. So now its just a waiting game until the heat people get here to see whats going on. My son is wearing two layers of clothing (2 pairs of pants, everything!) I am wearing mittens as I type this…and worst part is, we can’t leave. We need to be here to let the people in.

So its around 30 degrees outside, and lets hope they arrive soon! Meanwhile I am trying to keep busy (and warm) by getting orders packed and things made. Every ten minutes or so I make my son run around the house with me to get our hearts pumping and fingers a little less frozen :)

If you are coming to the Bazaar Bizarre this weekend, you will find I have some small woodblock collages for sale (like the paper boat one above)

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You will also find these new cupcakes (Which will be added to the shop after Christmas)

Last night we went and picked out our tree. Tom bought a new saw for the occasion…which will hence forth be our Christmas tree saw. It looks so pretty (the tree, not the saw) all decorated and lit up. Its funny that no matter how cliche it seems, it really is awesome to go through and remember all the memories behind the ornaments as you hang them up. We have our little Kogepan one, which we got in Boston the year our oldest son stuck his hand in an outdoor foutain (to try and get the $) This was of course the middle of winter. Good stuff!

Sightings + Flax

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I’ll be keeping pretty busy this week, getting orders finished + shipped…and everything ready for our trip up to Boston. The tampon tails above was too funny to resist getting a picture of. You might have seen my tampons for sale online at also.

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A few weeks ago I bought some flax waste fiber (kind of feels like hemp, on the rough side) I wanted to try and spin some to see how it would turn out, so I added some cotton, wool, and loads of sparkle. It spins up pretty neat. Nothing you could use for a scarf…but would make a great tote bag. or crocheted bowls. I am making some little ones of of the yarn to hold small gifts. But, I thought a big bowl crocheted out of the stuff would be great for holding apples or oranges!

Some fun mypapercrane sightings lately did a really nice review of my Spin Spin zine here: and Juxtapoz had a little blurb about my site in the news section if you scroll down to Nov. 28th.

Shiny Things

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Well I just did the last big holiday update to the shop. I only finished two toaster purses for it, but maybe if I can make more this week I can add those too. Tonight we are going to a big Christmas Village thing, which should be lots of fun. I remember going to one when I was little, and it being absolutly magical!

It snowed last night, and looked amazing. We were eating out with Sean + Amanda when it started. So very pretty, but didn’t last longer then an hour.