So what is the Plush Of The Month Club?
POM club is a quarterly surprise handmade plush club (was monthly for the first two years, but has changed to four times a year for 2018)
Plush items are a surprise each box, and 100% handmade by me. Plush is a limited edition which is numbered. Each box comes with a plush character, and a few add-in surprise items (candy, stickers, zines, you never know what you might get)
welcome kitsurprise boxpon2

I cancel at any time?
Yes! You can cancel your membership at any time. Log in to your Shopify account to make any changes like cancel, change address, update credit card etc. If you need a link to change your info please feel free to email me at

When do boxes ship?
Boxes ship 4 times a year March 1st, June 1st, Oct 1st, and Dec 1st.
If you sign up for the club before the 1st of a shipping month then your box will ship then. If you happen to sign up after a box has just shipped (for instance you sign up on March 2nd) your first box will ship June 1st)

Will you be offering more subscription spots?
Yes! Since all items are handmade by me, I cannot let unlimited people sign up for the club. To begin with the club was open to 30 members. Current memebership is between 200-300 members. Also keep in mind if anyone cancels that provides an open spot as well. To be one of the first to know about open subscriptions sign up for the email list below.
Or if I have open spots you can JOIN HERE now

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