party people

We have two big parties going on in our house this month. The first will be this Friday to celebrate our oldest son turning 14. His actual birthday is today, so we have some smaller plans tonight. You might remember from last year’s party that he loves color. Last year I was able to find some awesome rainbow streamers, but this year no luck so I decided to make my own.

They are simple and much faster to make then they appear.
#1 Cut strips of streamers. I didn’t measure mine at all, I just cut about 12-15 inch lengths and set aside in large pile.
#2 Sit at your sewing machine with the pile nearby so you can easily grab as you sew. Take the first two strips of varying colored streamers and lay them on top of each other. Don’t worry if one is longer then another. Begin to sew them down the middle slightly pushing the streamers as they are sewn. This will create the ruffle look and takes very little effort to do. You just lightly push along. As you come to the end of the streams grab two more and overlap them with the previous streamers.
#3 Keep sewing until you have a n ice long chain. Snip all threads and wind up until your ready to hang.

Another reason I like these is streamers in general are thought of as disposable. They are thin, cheap, and rip easily. But when sewn like this the streamers become something you can use over and over again. The sewing/stacking/ruffling makes them feel real sturdy and thick. This would go even fast if you want to make a chain of two colors. Then you wont need to cut strips, just lay the streamers on on top of the other and sew, letting the ends unroll as your sewing.