Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Do you like green eggs? (and ham) In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday my youngest son’s school is having a big day of reading. They were allowed to bring in slippers, blankets for sitting on the floor, Dr. Seuss books, and snacks to share with the class.

We decided to make some green egg cookies, although we had trouble finding something for the “yolk” we opted for green colored candy chocolate eggs. I know they are a bit small for yolks and egg shaped, but hey it is Dr. Seuss- so green eggs can be whimsical! :) We just made sugar cookies dough..then we took one of our many cookie cutters (a dinosaur shaped one that had gotten bent) and bent it into a eggy shape. Since the cookies expand slightly I didn’t need to worry about the egg shaped being perfect. Then we used white frosting to make them look more like eggs and added one green chocolate egg to each center for the yolk.

I decided to not worry about the ham part (maybe some one else will bring ham haha) but you could very well make ham cookies too.