you are the bomb

With the spy party quickly approaching, it was time to get some party favors made. I decided to go with surprise balls again (like we did for my older son’s birthday party) but this time I made them look like little bombs. Bombs make me think of Spy vs. Spy, Inspector Gadget etc. so I think they fit well.

Inside the balls we’ve got some disguises like funny glasses, faux mustaches, goofy candy teeth, some fortune teller fish (since they are flat and work really well in the balls), water grenade balloons, and candy. I made these just like the other surprised balls, but left the crepe paper in tact (I did not cut it in half) Once I had a pretty bomb shaped ball I inserted a little pipe cleaner wick, and then used circle shaped stickers to hold the last bit of crepe paper in place. On these stickers I wrote TNT just incase there was any confusion ;)

I’ll have some more Spy party info later this week, I’ve got to get the decorations figured out, but I’ve got some ideas! Oh and the black crepe paper really dyes your hands, so beware :)

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11 Responses to you are the bomb

  1. coryy says:

    OMG again, you are a genius. HOW do you do it? the bombs are PERFECT! PERFECT, i tell you!!!!

  2. Summer says:

    Rad! Perfect party favors!

  3. dot says:

    Such a clever idea! My son is convinced he wants a star wars party next, and I’m at a loss for clever things like this to do..!

  4. Heather says:

    That is awesome! This party is going to be a hit!

  5. rxanna says:

    I love these party favors! My brother’s birthday is coming up so I’ve been thinking about wrap ideas.

    Jazz up my boring old gift cards. :)

  6. Nicole says:

    These are too stinking cool! I’ve got to plan my 3 year olds party and fast, how I wish I had your help :)

  7. Canela says:

    where’d you get the party favors, especially the moustaches?

  8. Rebecca says:

    so awesome!

  9. Cecilie says:

    Ah, these are so great! If anyone ever deserved the “coolest mom award” it would definitely be you. :)
    Cant`t wait to make these for my daughters birthday when she gets older.

  10. Just saw this & thought of you ~

    Probably wouldn’t work with your around-the-house treasure maps, but I’m sure he’d have fun with it!