DIY kitschy Valentine Wreath

valentine wreath diy


I don’t really have a lot of Valentine decorations. In fact, I don’t think I actually have any. So I decided to make a wreath, and you can too.


Go around your house and gather your supplies. Anything red, white, or pink will do. The only things you really need are a wreath form and some glue (I like a glue gun because then there is no wait while the glues dries.

Some ideas for other do-dads to decorate your wreath are:
-candy (leftover wrapped candy canes, or peppermints would be perfect)
-cupcake toppers
-cupcake liners
-pipe cleaners (I had a bunch of red and white striped ones leftover from xmas)
-scraps of paper
-mini birds
-heart shaped anything (erasers, plastic toys etc.)
-leftover xmas balls/decorations in the colors red, white, or pink
-small toys
-valentine cards or paper hearts
-red and white striped paper straws
-leftover garland


Next you’ll want to pick a focal point for your wreath. If you have some great valentine themed knick-knack you want to use, that’s great. I didn’t have anything so I used a plastic deer figure (that I have 2 more just like) I picked the one with the most wear and added a nice red and white polka dot bow to give him that valentine flare. You can use anything, even a plastic toy like a rabbit or dinosaur could be great. Alternately you could spray paint your figure red, white, or pink if the color isn’t working for you.


Once you have all your supplies you will need to cover the wreath form. I used some ribbon I had and the hot glue and wrapped the ribbon around, glueing as I went along. You could use paper, garland, even streamers to cover the wreath. We just want to get all the green covered up.



Glue your big figure into the middle of the wreath and then you want to cover the area around its feet with some goodies. You can gather bunches of cupcake picks, hearts, or make your own little flowers. Push a pipe cleaner onto a small cupcake liner, add a little glue and scrunch the liner around the end of the pipe cleaner so it looks like a flower. Add a little more glue and push a pom pom in to cover the tip of the pipe cleaner. Once your items are glued in place you can use pom poms to cover all the ends and wires.


For the rest of the wreath I used cupcake picks (and cut off the pick part) and glued them around the wreath, alternating with glitter hearts. When I was done I cut the pipe cleaners into equal parts and glued them in behind the hearts to create the scalloped border. It’s not perfect, but I kind of like it that way.

You could use candy or flowers or anything to create a pattern on the front of your wreath like my little hearts. Once done you can glue a loop of ribbon on the backside for hanging, and you’ve got a valentine wreath!