How To Tuesday – Cactus Recipe Card Holder

make craft a cactus from clay Super easy little clay cactus friend that you can use to hold your recipe cards. You could also use him as a ring holder, or maybe just a little desk friend?

1. Open the white clay and save a small amount for the eyes. Press the rest in the bottom of your pot to help weigh it down.
2. Repeat step one but with the black clay. I found the clays on sale for 88¢ and the pot for 25¢, the toothpicks and foil I had on hand so the whole project is under $3.
3. Form your tinfoil into a base for your cactus. Leave a tail area that can be pushed into the black clay.
4. Check your form to make sure it’s a good size for your pot. Add more tinfoil as needed.
5. Roll out your green clay (save a small sized piece aside for nose)
6. Wrap green clay around the tinfoil form making sure all the foil is covered.
7. Use your hands to smooth the green clay
8. Make two small balls of white clay for eyes and two smaller balls of the black clay for the pupils.
9. Flatten eyes gently, peel up and use the side that was flattened against the table facing out because it will be smoother.
10. Gently press the eyes and pupil to face trying not to leave many fingerprints. You can also attach a green ball nose as this point. I pushed in a small piece of toothpick first to push the ball nose onto.
11. Roll out a small snake of the black clay for the mouth. You can flatten it slightly like the eyes before adding it to the face.
12. Push your cactus down into the black clay inside the pot.
13. Push in toothpicks all over his head. Make sure they are staggered slightly so when you push a recipe card in (after baking) you can weave it between the toothpicks. If any of your toothpicks feel loose after baking you can always glue them in, but because my toothpicks went down into the tinfoil center they seem very sturdy.
Now just bake the whole pot in the oven and bake according to the instructions on your package of clay.
***Oh and the adorable recipe cards can be purchased here they are by Miss Emily of course—her stuff seems to be all over my house this week :)

How To Tuesday – Make Your Own Cookies Cutters

My nine year old has a Summer Bucket List, a Summer Bucket List with about 20 more items he would like to get done…before Summer Vacation ends (in 16 days!) So we got out the list and one of the items was decorate & bake cookies. Easy!
We decided to make it even more exciting by making our own cookie cutters. Now these cookie cutters will not last forever, but if you hand wash them, and store them carefully you can use them more then once. If you want a forever cookie cutter you’ll have to take a trip to the hardware store…but if you want a cookie cutter you can make and use right now with items you probably already have in your house, then this DIY is for you!
You will need:
-Aluminum foil
-paper and something to draw with
That’s it!
1. Draw a design that you would like to make into a cookie. Remember that small thin areas will be harder and simple designs work best. We made a tree stump, mushroom, and ghost.
2. Roll out a sheet of foil, mine was about 24 inches (this will make a 12 inch strip to work with and I have a link to a drawn chart if this seems confusing)
3. fold you foil in half length wise, then you are going to fold it in half 3 more times till you end up with a long skinny strip. This time fold it in half height wise and you’ll end up with a thick 12 inch strip.
4. Now for your last fold, you will fold this 12 inch strip in half length wise (just like at the beginning). I like to use the edge of my scissors to get a good clean smooth line. This will be your final strip for shaping your cookie cutter and will feel easy enough to shape using your hands, but sturdy!
5. Using your drawing as a guide gently bend and shape your cookie cutter into shape. Just take your time and lay it down on the drawing to check as you go. Once you get to the ends you only want a small overlap. Trim off any extra strip with your scissors, and then staple the ends in place slightly overlapping. I like to make sure to staple so the end prongs of the staple are facing the outside of the cutter. Now you are ready to use your cookie cutters!
Here is a little drawn chart showing the steps

This is our most favorite sugar cookie recipe to use. It is vegan but you could use eggs & regular cream cheese if you didn’t have those vegan supplies. The dough turns out so perfectly, and we use it right away without any chilling. Just a little flour and its never too sticky. I also like that this recipe really holds its shape, and is not too sweet. This means they are great for a ton of sugar or frosting on top, without tasting sickeningly sweet! And decorating the tops of our cookies with sprinkles, and eye balls, and sugar crystals is really the best part, so we don’t like to skimp.

You can see our finished plate full of cookies over on instagram!