How To Tuesday – Spooky Halloween Hand treat bags

halloween craft
Today’s DIY is not really a set of instructions (because it’s super easy) but more of a few helpful hints! I found the idea for these amazing hand treat bags at The Queen’s Card Castle. I decided to make the bags for my son’s class party treat bags, they were super easy and he was able to help.
You need surgical gloves (I found no-powder surgical gloves at Target $2.50 for a 50 pack) Make sure you go with the powder free, most especially if you decide to fill your bags with unwrapped treats! I used Smarties for the fingers, but you could use tootsie rolls (i’d double up the little ones one right after another, or use the long kind)
And then I filled the rest of the bag with assorted candy and chocolate. Tie the top with a ribbon and slip a spider, bat, or skull ring on to a finger. The rings actually stay put really well (I thought I might need tape on the back) but the smarties are the perfect size with the gloves to keep the rings snug in place!
Once the treats are eaten, the hand can be blown up and tied for a creepy hand-balloon!