The Language Of Love : Morse Code

Personally I find Morse Code incredibly romantic. What could be sweeter then a love note fashioned out of code? I was excited when I stumbled upon this video by the amazing Robert Mahar showing you how to make a morse code necklace out of little beads, just fantastic! Be sure and check out all his video tutorials. I needed to come up with a craft project for the Valentine’s day party at my son’s school on Friday and this one kept sticking out in my mind, but I worried about the logistics of a room of 23 nine and ten year olds trying to string tiny beads.

Then I got to idea to recreate the necklaces using bigger beads for the dots, and cut up paper straws for the dashes. I have a big jar of the paper straws on hand, and they are perfect pastel colors. I also couldn’t find a print out morse code chart on the video so I created a PDF that I am going to print and bring in so each kid has a copy to write out their code on the bottom, and then take home in case they want to make more later.
You can print/save a copy here The cute little guy is from a vintage record that teaches you morse code. For the beads I found a one pound container of at Hobby Lobby for $13.99 and then used my 40% off coupon. For string I chose a red nylon, since nylon is strong yet still thin enough to make threading the beads a breeze.


And in the case that this wasn’t enough More Code love for you, how about..
A Morse Code Necklace made from clay
Coatt’s gorgeous line of Morse Code necklaces made from gold and silk
crochet a Morse Code scarf
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