Cat Thread holder DIY


This is a very easy DIY if you are used to using a scroll saw. If you don’t own a scroll saw you could always mount these cats to some thick card stock or cardboard to make a festive thread holder instead.
Print the vintage cat images, and mount them to a thin board of wood. I used a inexpensive piece of pine from the craft store and a matte gel medium to mount the paper to the wood. Spread the medium on thinly with a foam brush. Then you can use a brayer or lightly press down with your hands to help smooth the paper to the wood. Allow to dry completely and then use your scroll saw to cut out your cats. You can lightly sand the edges, and seal the entire thing with a clear coat to protect it from wear. If you don’t want to use them as a thread holder, they also look great on the wood just stood around the house as a spooky cat decoration!
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