Vintage Inspired Halloween Party Hat DIY

Hello October! I am ready to welcome Halloween with open arms! The decorations are up (even the outside ones!) and I’ve got some DIYs planned for this month that I hope you will love.
First up is a super easy vintage inspired party hat. Print the file, cut out, and glue the hat together. You can use fun crepe streamers and Halloween fringe to decorate it. I’ll have some tips for supplies below..

-I found the striped streamers at Target in the Halloween section. You can also find festive streamers here and here.
-Fringe can be found here, here, and here
-I like to use this glue on my paper projects, it dries super fast!
-Here is the PDF print out for the Halloween party hat
Please remember this PDF is for personal use and may not be sold, or altered.
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