DIY Vintage inspired mushroom ornaments

Today I wanted to share a little DIY for a vintage inspired ornament. Not only do these make cute ornaments, but they are great tied to the top of gifts too. I actually have a folder on my computer for vintage Christmas ornaments I want to try and recreate, so I am happy to get one done in plenty of time for Christmas!

These guys are really customizable, so wether you want to paint on eyes, eyebrows, and a smile, use wiggly glue on eyes or cut shapes out of felt-anything goes! Here are your basic supplies:
-Styrofoam balls: I opted for the firm balls that have a smooth surface
-Paper Mache balls: These were slightly tricky because they had a rubbery like ball hidden inside under the paper mache, just look for balls made of cardboard exclusively to make cutting easiest. These sorts of balls still work of course, they just take a little more care to cut.
-Glue: You’ll need thick tacky glue and a hot glue gun
-Berry Stems- these are for the noses, but you could always skip noses, cut them from felt, or paint one on instead.
-Pom-poms: these act as a buffer between the mushroom cap and body. If you glue the cap directly onto the body it ends up covering part of the face and didn’t quite match the look of the vintage ornaments.
-Paint-You’ll need red, optional colors are black and white (for face painting)
-Wire- This is to create a hanger on top, but you can also glue a plastic hanger in place like I did on a couple of the ornaments instead.
-Red Glitter
-White Flocking Powder
1. Use scissors to cut your ball in half. Then trim it until its a bit smaller and looks good with your body styrofoam ball.
2. Paint one side of the mushroom top red and immediately sprinkle with red glitter, allow to dry and then do the same to the other side. Make sure the very edge is covered as well. Set aside to dry.
3.. Next your are gonna coat the styrofoam ball with the thick tacky glue. I like the poke a wooden craft stick into the end of the ball to make it easier to hold. Then sprinkle the whole thing with white flocking powder (follow instructions for powder about well ventilated area) Let this dry completely.
4. Use hot glue to attach pom pom to top of body. Twist wire into a little hook and insert end through top of mushroom, I use a little hot glue to secure the end in place. Then glue mushroom cap onto the pom pom.
5. To add flocked dots, apply little dots of tacky glue to the top and sprinkle on the flocking powder. Then you just blow away what doesn’t stick and you’ll be amazed at how nice and clean your flocked dots are. Or you can cut some from felt and glue them on.
6. Lastly once it’s all dry you can add your face. Cut the nose stem short and push it into the ball. Paint on eyes, glue on wiggly eyes etc. and voila!
I’d love to see them if you make any!

Holiday How-To : Tiny (Out Of The Way) Advent Calendar

In our family we love an advent calendar! I fill ours with little slips of paper saying something we are going to do that day. They can be simple like watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas, or more exciting things like Go See The Nutcracker. The only thing I tend not to love about our advent calendars is figuring out where to put them. With holiday decorations all over, and not really anywhere on the wall we can hang one, before December is over I usually find myself moving the advent calendar all over the place. Moving it off the counter when I am preparing a bunch of food, move it off the table so we can sit down and eat, move it from the top of the cabinet because its covering up the Christmas village…on and on. So this year I decided to create a small compact advent calendar that attaches to the front of the fridge with magnets. It’s up out of the way, but still festive, and large enough to hold small slips of paper. I created a pdf with the vintage Christmas images I used…but if you want something bigger you can make your own too.
plastic containers- I ordered this 30-Piece Plastic Storage Container because they are tiny and that is exactly what I was looking for!
sticky back magnets- I ordered these 3/4″ Diameter Adhesive-Backed Magnet Dots; 100 per Pack; no. DO-735007 and they are the perfect size, and hold to the fridge but if you think your containers are going to get bumped a lot you’ll want to use an even stronger magnet like these
scissors- or you can use a craft punch, which is what I did to cut my circles because I already own a 1 inch punch
glue gun- I used a glue gun over another type of glue because it dries quick and does not make the paper wet.
paper cut outs I had mine printed on cardstock at Staples
pipe cleaners- I like the silver sparkly kind but these are just optional

1. Unscrew the caps and turn the bottoms over, peel and place your magnets.
2. Use the glue gun to glue all your punched out circles onto the tops. You could leave your calendars like this or add ribbon, tinsel pipe cleaners or other decorations around the edge.

3. Add your little notes inside, screw on the lids and hang on your fridge!

Holiday How-to : Cuter Candles
Hi friends! November has been a blur of activities and get-togethers so I wanted to stop in today with a super easy “how-to”. These candles make great hostess gifts, or they are just a fun way to dress up some candles you have around the house for the holidays. Recently I saw that jar candles were on sale at AC Moore 4 for $10. Personally I think some of their candles smell pretty great, they just don’t look very pretty. Here is a super simple way to fix that.

Here’s what you need:
Candle– look for those inexpensive jar candles that have easily peel-able labels. I know some candles even say on the label “easy peel”
Decals– also called “rub on transfers” I really like this holiday bookletof decals as it comes with a lot that are not Christmas specific. I especially like the houses. You can also find rub on decals at most craft stores like AC Moore, Michaels, etc. I actually found my set at a thrift shop last year and am glad to finally put them to use.
Greens– these are of course optional, but I think add a little something nice. Clip a few from your Christmas tree, clip a little while on a walk in the woods, etc.
Labels-I am currently in love with these stretchy label tags from the new Martha Stewart for Staples line. I think they work well for gifts that you probably wont wrap like jars, flower pots etc. But you can always tie a string with a paper label around your candle instead. You could also use the label to write what scent the candle is.
Popsicle stick-these normally come with the rub on transfers, and you just need a blunt object like the stick for rubbing your decal.
1. Peel off your label. If you have any trouble with sticking paper or glue you can use a product like Goo Be Gone to clean it up. Make sure the glass is clean and dry.
2. Cut out your decal.
3. Your decal will have a plastic sheet on the top and a paper backing. Gently pull off the paper backing.
4. Lay your decal down on the candle with the plastic sheet side up. And smooth the decal out. It will stick to the candle.
5. Once your decal is smoothed down you can begin to rub it with the popsicle stick. You will be able to see which areas have been rubbed as they will come away from the plastic sheet. Do not pull the plastic sheet away or you can tear your decal. Keep rubbing the entire thing until the plastic sheet naturally falls away. Now your decal is adhered.

I burned a sample candle for a few hours and did not notice any change in the decal. Besides candles you can also use decals on plain jars and fill them with candy, plain colored tins and fill them with Christmas cookies or baked goods. I think they add a nice festive touch and are super quick to make. Hope you enjoy!