Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Do you like green eggs? (and ham) In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday my youngest son’s school is having a big day of reading. They were allowed to bring in slippers, blankets for sitting on the floor, Dr. Seuss books, and snacks to share with the class.

We decided to make some green egg cookies, although we had trouble finding something for the “yolk” we opted for green colored candy chocolate eggs. I know they are a bit small for yolks and egg shaped, but hey it is Dr. Seuss- so green eggs can be whimsical! :) We just made sugar cookies dough..then we took one of our many cookie cutters (a dinosaur shaped one that had gotten bent) and bent it into a eggy shape. Since the cookies expand slightly I didn’t need to worry about the egg shaped being perfect. Then we used white frosting to make them look more like eggs and added one green chocolate egg to each center for the yolk.

I decided to not worry about the ham part (maybe some one else will bring ham haha) but you could very well make ham cookies too.

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17 Responses to Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

  1. Carrie says:

    These are so cool! My son saw them, and is now begging me to make them, lol! Have fun in Chicago!

  2. Love the egg shape! What about those colored chocolate disks they sell in the baking section for the yolks? I can’t remember if they have a point on top or not though.

  3. Nic says:

    Thats genius!

  4. P says:

    Now I want cookies!

  5. Amber says:

    Happy BDay Dr.Seuss!!!

  6. flora says:

    Brilliant. I love that book. That Sam-I-am. I do so like that Sam-I-am.

  7. Hana K. says:

    That is so awesome! So cute :D

  8. Gosh, you always make the cutest treats. I bet all your son’s classmates are jealous he has such a cool mom.

  9. Chloe A. says:

    lucky! i want some!

  10. Hodzer says:

    Those are awesome!

  11. Megan M says:

    Love those!!! I’m now craving both sunny side up eggs and sugar cookies with icing!!

  12. lauren says:

    i love these! you did a great job! and i love dr. seuss so much too. you live up north, have you guys visited the dr. seuss memorial statue gardens in springfield, ma?! we went there this past summer, and the statues are beautiful! you should definitely check it out, if you haven’t already :)

  13. So cute! Nothing better than an entire day dedicated to Dr. Seuss! Love him.

  14. bex says:

    what a coincidence! i had no idea it was Dr Seuss’s birthday yesterday, and i brought a Dr Seuss dictionary for only 50p!!

  15. Ellen says:

    Even a day after this was posted i am still thinking about the Green egg cookies. I adore them, you have inspired me. When my little 9 month old can actually eat a cookie we will make these and share a Seuss story. I bet they were a hit in your son’s class.

  16. TreeCookies says:

    that must’ve been a super awesome reading day at school <3 those cookies look so yummy! happy birthday dr. suess <3